Carnevale! Snow Queen Turorial

It’s carnival time in most part of the world, children and adults are having fun interpreting super heroes, princesses,  animals or movie characters! It is the time when you can have the chance to be someone else, joing parties eating sweets like the bugie: a typical carnival pastry…delicious!

So in occasion of carnival i will show you how to become a snow queen with low budget, being pretty too!

All you need is a blue or white dress, the colors should remind of winter and its shades. The make up should be mainly white, light blue, dark blue, glitter, a pink lipstick and a pink blush!

For the hair i chose a small crown because i already had it, however you can use white or silver hair grips.

In order to have at the end a beautiful long braid you could use just one extension, a synthetic one which is cheaper than the human ones. In case you do not any extension, you could style your hair as you prefer, as long it shines with glitter and grips!

 Let’s see below how to do it:

Start on the eye lid, at first apply the white shadow o  the eye lid as a base for the make up.

Proceed with the light blue over the white one and dark blue on the exterior corner. Do not forget to apply a bit of white under the eyebrow and on the nose line. You will want to create like a frozen effect all over it!  Apply the eyeliner and mascara.

Later apply the snow queen accessories on the cheekbones and forehead. The blush should be light pink, creating the effect like if you were outside in the cold weather! 

I suggest to make a beautiful braid, it gives an elegant look, if you want like a sort of a Frozen look!

Let’s create a real queen look with this crown! You can find at Claire’s or Accessorizes for a very cheap prize!

Et voila’… your low budget Snow Queen outfit is ready!

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