1950s Style Fashion


Now let’s see how we can use the clothes that we have in the wardrobe to immerse ourselves in the role of a pin up or a lady from the 50s!
In the first picture I wore just the high-waisted shorts, a tight T-shirt with horizontal stripes and a jeans blouse to give that American touch to the outfit!
I opted for combing hair loose, wavy and a mega bushing at the base, typical of that era. I used a damp hair curler off, I stopped the hair with a bobby pin and fixed with hairspray.
The eyeliner and red lipstick certainly could not miss! For the shoes I opted for the decollete but can also the all stars can be ok, for an American touch and perfect to dance!


As a second outfit I propose the elegant version!
The dress creates already 90% of the 50’s style so you just have to play with the accessories!
You can style the hair on your shoulders or with a tail with the band, as I did.
I chose the socks in the shoes because I liked the idea to have a touch of a 50s American girl!

Et voila you are ready for a vintage party or rock and roll concert!


An unforgettable scene from the movie Back to the Future! “I think you are not ready for this music, but.. your children will like it! “

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