Whatstrendy presents Sinweaver alternative fashion from Munich

Imagine a fashion fully inspired by the music, the British culture and open to experimentation with fabrics and materials!
Whatstrendy presents an emerging designer named Mariya Andreev and her brand SinWeaver based in Munich.

In her charming little studio I met Mariya who graciously granted me an interview for Whatstrendy.net!
Hi Mariya, thanks for having me! Tell us about your business. How many people work for SinWeaver?

We are five people including several assistants, me as the founder and designer and three tailors in Bulgaria.

How did your get the passion for fashion ?
I’ve always been interested in fashion. My mom, like all women in Bulgaria used to dress well, like all ladies in Italy, with class and taste therefore she influenced me with this passion over the years.
Which are the designers you take inspiration from?
Alexandra McQueen, preferring more the collections of the recent past.
Valentino for the elegance of the evening dresses. Dior and Prada sometimes.

Tell us about your education
In Bulgaria I started to learn to sew at the age of 10 and my parents made ​​me study at an international school where I attended German and Japanese. I even studied economics in Germany and in Japan marketing even though I knew immediately that what I wanted to do was create clothes.
Three words to describe your collection:
UK, vintage and music.
Vintage ’cause it’s a mix of 50s and 60s styles, England for the British punk culture and then lots and lots of music.


Which is the fashion city for you?
London. Because it is an experimental city, a mix of cultures.

How is important to you the German market? What are the markets you look with more interest at?

Germany as a market is obviously important for the simple reason because here i run my studio.
Through internet I propose my collection such as Etsy which reaches several countries selling to America, Australia, France, England.

Certainly it is not easy to sell such a special and experimental fashion. The woman who buys my collection has to dare, experiment, be creative and must love the color black.
She has to be a woman who attends exhibitions, performances and concerts.

Tell us how you create a whole collection.

It all begins with music. I Listen to a song and i start to take inspirations drawing and dreaming. This can take place during the day or the night, it depends on the creativity. At the end when I finish a series of sketches i make a selection of them, and then i propose my ideas to creatives, bloggers and experts through mood boards, a series of images representing the collection.

For the recent collection Mariya showed me the two main moodboards:

IMG_3177 (1)

Images tell what clothes will communicate: London and its busy life, the chaos, the traffic, the haste, the mix of cultures, but also the style punk and the 50s merging with our times.

The second mood boards is really its opposite:

peace, meditation, nature, calm, landscapes, charm and sunset.
This collection is far more elegant, chic and transparent.

The brand has already participated in several fashion shows like the one during the fashion week in Berlin in 2013, in which the models walked in the subway, on trains running in which commuters could go up and down like a regular run.

In 2014, the fashion editor of the German magazine Fräulein took one of the designer clothes from her collection for an exclusive event in Cannes.

Seen the fashion editor posing with Keira Knightley wearing the lace dress signed Sinweaver.

Her fashion is nominated alternative precisely for the use of new materials such as vinyl discs.
Yes just like this. On the occasion of an exhibition of art in Munich, Stroke Artfair, Mariya realized an outfit applying as details spare disks, a complicated job, but the effect is great.


At the Artfair



The new collection is a fusion of fashion, music and British culture , as seen from the tartan pattern of many items. In addition to British culture, the collection also has floral designs as seen in the picture.


Even the magazine Vogue UK promoted Mariya and her collection along with other emerging designers in January 2014, as seen in the image below!

The brand can be found on all social networks!


Instagram: sinweaver_alternative_fashion

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Thanks Mariya and good luck!

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