A conversation with… Roberto Benigni and Nicoletta Braschi

In the occasion of the forthcoming Italian contemporary film festival, Roberto Benigni and his wife Nicoletta came to Toronto to receive an honorary degree conferred by the University and to offer A Beautiful Life, a retrospective of films and meetings celebrating the Italian couple until June 9 at the Tiff Bell Lightbox, the venue hosting the biggest film festivals of the city!

Certainly an event of great impact for the city of Toronto and the Italian big community.
The graduation was conferred in recognition of the extraordinary contribution that both have made ​​to art, especially in acting, writing, direction and production of films of great value.



The trailer of the beautiful film La vita e’ bella!

During the conference, the two actors have talked about their lives and their collaborations, there have been questions and answers by interacting with the public on many films together, including Life is beautiful and Down By Law (1986 ).


Roberto and Nicoletta were very able to respond in English without problems, of course there have been jokes by Benigni and his typical gestures that makes laugh and endear the Italian public and not only!

Of course, Roberto talked about the behind -the-scenes of La vita e’ bella, his best movie in my opinion. It ‘s not easy to work on the set with a child, moreover with such a sensitive issue and cruel as the deportation of Jews.
In fact, the actor said, the child once he understood his importance to get ahead in the shooting of the film and seeing all the attention cast on him, took advantage of it, testing the patience of the troops on the set!
Once he did not want, then he was tired … but in the end the film turned out to be a masterpiece!


Unlike the temperament and typical humor of Roberto Benigni, Nicoletta has revealed him as a very precise director, he is organized and doesn’t leave anything unprepared!
While working with the American director Jim Jarmusch in the film Down by Law, she was more relaxed, as the director preferred to leave more room for improvisation!

Benigni recalled with its inevitable love and recognition for Dante and the Divine Comedy. Dante was a genius, said the actor, we must be grateful for inventing those wonderful words and enchanting paragraphs to describe indescribable feelings for the human being!


An actor with a capital A, able to make us move and laugh at the same time, able to combine tragedy and comedy. Simple and comedian, an Italian pride!

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