A good dose of heavy metal (in the closet)


When Autumn Winter 2106/17 trends are shown over the catwalks of the famous high fashion weeks we see them as something abstract, something just wearable for the Hollywood stars or difficult to follow for us “normal people”.
But when it is the trend to amaze us in “our” usual shops, then they are at hand and real enough to be tempted to buy them.

That’s the metallic trend of the season found at Zara in Munich; this winter we will shine like diamonds!





You know, metallic tones can be demanding, difficult to match, depending on the mood and the occasion. However, they are not too impossible to wear without spending a fortune, just identifying the right items and understand how we want to shine!

Follow this mini guide on whatstrendy, for sure after reading it you will have a better idea, and love it even more while shopping!

Let us start by degrees:

If you still feel shy to dive into this eccentric color, the easiest way is to start from shoes. The metallic heels are the equivalent of the nude pumps: in fact they can be combined with anything from jeans to cocktail dresses.


A small and shiny clutch is elegant and versatile, perfect if you are willing to get just a small dose of heavy metal!


Dare with an unexpected combination! Combine a metallic skirt with a simple sweater, I recommend always preferring neutral colors. You can complete the outfit with high heels for a chic look.
For a more youthful and less demanding alternative you can opt for a simple top or an elastic bodysuit to wear under your skirt.


Or…copy the look of Alexa Chung: a maxi sweater over a long shiny and metallic skirt. As an alternative to heels you can choose some comfortable boots.


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