A striped year with Kate Spade

New year and new habits!

You know that, in order to better organize your days, appointments and anniversaries you should be equipped with an almost mechanical memory, or at least have some sort of disk memory inside.
But as i am a human being i still prefer to use an agenda to organize myself better in life and work.
And finally it arrived, I’m not talking about an agenda but of the AGENDA!

The eye wants its part!
If you are like me choose an agenda that you like, nice to see, that makes you want to pick it up and use it.
For this reason I decided to buy the planner of Kate Spade, the famous brand from New York as a huge fan of the big apple!

When I lived in Toronto I had the opportunity to discover the brand and fell in love with it right away, from the cups, pens, diaries to the bags.

Why you should buy it?

If you want to feel international, cool and trendy then the brand is for you!
It is available in two versions, large and medium. I have chosen medium and I must say it is perfect beacause it is not that large and it fits in the bag (no clutch) without any problem 🙂

It has the hardcover and that allows you to write even better in the most uncomfortable situations.

It has a notes section that will allow you to focus the attention to detail or the most important notes of the month.

Each month is divided by laminated tab and this makes it more immediate and organized.

Finally it is elegant: the most iconic cover are in black and gold dot lines.

The line is simple, very ladylike and if you want to bring some color to it just add some stickers that will give a more cheerful and youthful touch to your agenda! Soon we will see how to apply the stickers in an original way!

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