A tribute to women


Whatstrendy today is tinged with pink on the occasion of tomorrow Women’s Day !
A tribute to all us women, from every nation, religion and social context.


The woman was sung and painted by acting as a < strong> muse < / strong > by millions of artists around the world for centuries
From Beatrice to Laura, from Botticelli’s Venus to Mona Lisa .

You know , with the advent of equality of sexes this day seems to be overestimated, but let’s face the truth women: we are slightly special, not better or worse … but just perfect with our imperfections .
Grow up watching our mother, the first example of women to follow, then if you are lucky enough to have an older sister , then your world can not be more perfect!
Learn to use the first make up when the carnival will authorize it once a year !
You handle with clothes and handbags since childhood thanks to Barbie or your favorite doll .
You dream of love through the first Disneys cartoons .
Since Walt Disney made ​​you create a romantic world around you, when you wake up your mom will be the first to dry the tears for your first love disappointments .
The mother figure, more feminine near you .

What about the strength of mind that we have inside and physical strength that enables us to give birth to a child ?
I like to remember all those women forced to undergo any kind of violence or marry men who not love.
Women who decide to change identity because they feel trapped in the wrong body.

A video to say no to violence against women .

A touching commercial by Dove, the brand always close to us women .


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