A trip to the Rocky Mountains

Here i am again!
Right now I am writing from the terrace of a wooden cottage at the foot of the Rocky mountains in western Canada, just before Jasper.
The holiday begun in Calgary, after just four hours by plane from Toronto.
Calgary is a pretty city, with a small center than Torontos, where there are more spaces between buildings and an abundance of greenery, including the Bow River.
The atmosphere is already western, in fact you can find many shops where you can buy boots, shirts, hats and badges of cowboys look!

The rocky mountains are a must for those who go to Canada but not only, in fact, they are considered a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. The real voyage can be said to begin from Banff National Park and Jasper, through one of the most fascinating streets in the world in term of scenario, namely the Icefield parkway where you can meet fellow travelers as moose, reindeer, bears and squirrels.


The feeling when you have in front of you these huge mountains and the infinite spaces is indescribable, you really feel small compared to the wonders of Mother Nature! The names of the sites, waterfalls and lakes are all originally from the language of the natives of America. An example: the Takawwak Falls, translated would be the wonderful waterfalls, Takawwak means wonderful .

More in the next chapter!

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