Around the half world in one day: EXPO

When I was in Italy, two weeks ago, I toured all over the world in one day!
I was in Spain, Ireland, the US, Israel , touching Qatar, Oman and the United Arab Emirates, and then in Brazil, Austria and Morocco!
Ok, I’ll be a little more precise: I did the rounds inside the Expo, World Expo Milano 2015 officially open until October 2015.
The theme selected for the 2015 Expo is ” Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life ” and intends to include everything related to food, food from education to severe food shortages affecting many parts of the world, the issues related to GMO.

The mascot of the Expo and the parade of fruit and vegetables in dancing rhythms!
The pavilion of Nepal, still under construction, due to the terrible earthquake that struck their homeland. You can donate offerings to help people recover from it and the possibility to leave your own thoughts, dedications and signatures.
Belgium seeks outside on the palate, presenting the famous and delicious Belgian fries!
Great Britain has its own pavilion in the form of honeycomb. A walk through the green and nature reminiscent expanses of lawns up to climb a flight of stairs where two nice things await you: the british restaurant offering ​​smoked salmon, drinks and sweets from the island and the majestic focal point hive all of steel. Once inside this dome you will feel the true sound of industrious bees in action! The only negative point, for me, is that everything is cold and sterile, perhaps the wooden dome would be more natural and welcoming.
Ireland is focusing on its natural beauty, like the ocean, the coastline, the emerald lawns and its national support for the cultivation of genuine and healthy products.
Vietnam has attracted the attention of many visitors thanks to a show with lots of dancing, musical instruments and costumes all typical of the place!
What is air for you? Air is freedom, life, air is love! This is one of the many questions that asks Austria, the country that has proposed one of the most beautiful pavilions of the EXPO!
560 square meters of real forest transplanted in the exhibition area, hosting visitors fascinated and incredulous to still be in Milan! The air you breathe there is sensational. In fact, here the intent is to make breathing a sensory experience. Natural processes are supported by a modern technology that allows to produce 62.5 kilograms of pure oxygen per hour , equivalent to the needs of 1,800 people. The native cuisine could not miss for sure! The offer ranges from strudel to vanilla sweets, cream blueberry and more, all of excellent quality .
Germany, where the visitor becomes ACTIVE part of the exposure!
The German pavilion reminds me the Olympia Stadium in Munich!
Maybe if the other stands are more interesting aesthetically, Germany prefers to focus exclusively on the central theme of EXPO 2015, the nation makes itself spokesman for a different way of thinking and aims to create awareness of the forces of nature, essential sources of our power in the future it will be better protected and used with greater intelligence. The center of the project is not given only by a strong environmental policy , but also by the extraordinary commitment of civil society.
The pavilion offers visitors to Expo Milano 2015 a look at new solutions to ensure the supply of the future and invites them to participate ACTIVELY. All German solutions are proposed to interact during the visit, like simple cards placed under a projector becoming ” a paper tablet”. Or umbrellas you will turn clockwise projecting different images and descriptions!
In conclusion the pavilion also presents a mini concert in German in which all topics learned during the visit are summarized in a nice and engaging show for all ages!
Germany, in the outdoor area, has also focused on entertainment, offering a wide range of dishes from sausages to breztel to finish with so much good beer! Do not miss even live music , fashion shows and concerts throughout the day! In addition it is also conducted a tourism promotion of the region Vorpommern Meklenburg, belonging to the north of the country, complete with artificial beach, beach chairs and comfortable bathing facilities typical of the place to attract future tourists! In the next article I will talk about the fashion show, interesting from an environmental perspective.
On the second floor of the pavilion you can observe a kind of gardening, irrigation solutions like the vertical one as seen in the photo.
Spain: the kitchen garden of Europe!
Being a Mediterranean country it has promoted its many genuine products of excellent quality such as wine, ham, fruits and olives. Respect for nature and solutions anti waste to be spread from generation to generation.
Morocco! Wow, an extraordinary sensory experience not to be missed!
Here it makes a real imaginary journey starting from the north to the south of the country, observing the vegetation that changes depending on the location and temperature. Oranges, almonds, dates and spices fill the air. Not to mention the smell of desert roses, represented as a waterfall located in the dunes of the desert obviously artificial. The perfume is reinforced by giant hot air vents placed at the entrance of a room of orange tint, giving the feeling of being in the middle of the desert! Fantastic!
Obviously for the ladies can not miss the Argan oil for hair and body, the scent is absolutely amazing! Plus at the end of the exposure you can buy local products such as oils, dates, kitchen items and furniture! To conclude the trip in Morocco I recommend you to enjoy the real mint tea, glancing at the map, peering over the next pavilions to visit.
Qatar offers a majestic structure, a bit like all Arab pavilions, even with fountains! You’ll find descriptions of what they eat, the typical local products and their strategies for recovering water, central problem not only for this country.
In addition to get tattooed with henna you could wear clothing typical of the place, so I did have tried this beautiful blue and golden dress, certainly comfortable !
The United States have a gigantic structure, almost as if representing a book to open and browse. Too bad that within is not that enthusiastic. It represents a journey divided into 6 chapters in which is projected a cartoon about how Americans eat. From the Italian emigration to New York and import of spaghetti and meatballs to fast food and Thanksgiving.

Unfortunately, in a day is impossible to visit all the pavilions, in fact I promised to come back to visit more of Brazil with the Amazon rainforest, Japan with its 60 min to wait on line and many many more !

If you get the chance to go there, you won’t regret it!
Let us care for our planet, for us and for the next generations.

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