Arte Enrica Barozzi: an art bounded by nature and beauty to discover

Today my post is dedicated to the art and an Italian talent, precisely from Florence.
I interviewed for you a sculptor – carver of wood, who has won several awards in Italy. Her name is Enrica Barozzi.

The photo dates back to December 2007 when she won the Fiorino d’ Oro in Florence.

Hi Enrica, welcome to Whatstrendy.
Tell us about your activity, how and when it started.

Sculpture has always been a passion for me, but an episode struck me in a particular way. When I was still a young girl, an aunt walked into the house and set on the kitchen table, with veneration, a stone sculpture depicting the ” Pieta’ “. This aunt, a talented painter, explained to me the depth of which only an artist is capable features of that wonderful ” Vesperbild ” the first half of 1400. I was very impressed.

After the college I enrolled in Florence to a course in wood restoration and i began to do some restoration, and i became familiar with wood and know its characteristics. Meanwhile i discovered the pleasure of developing the forms and the study of the possible developments.
Successively, walking in the woods with some friends, it happened to find a tree that snapped an inexpressible desire to work it and to extrapolate the shape that hid itself. I remember saying: this will be the first of a series of sculptures – and they did. Of course in the meantime I continued to perform frames, another of my passions and restoration of sculptures

The passion for sculpture was strong since her childhood, when she improvised carpenter, building small furniture for dolls or toys for the younger brothers. Certainly the fact that she was born in a mountain place influenced her by the charm of nature and wood

” I am dedicated to sculpture just because I indulged my natural inclination to change anything. With wood I express myself completely. I have not approached the sculpture through an academic way, I mean through schools or specific courses, but little by little.
Especially in executing leaves, scrolls and capitals, in restoring faces and hands of angels etc … It is natural that this requires a knowledge of art and styles. ” Says Enrica.




How do your creations take form? Where do you get inspiration?
I approach to the forms in two ways It can happen to work one stick after imagined within it the shape that I suggested , or that in some way I see. It can be a very slow approach, but when I start work I do not stop until my eye is no longer disturbed by extraneous elements, other times, however, I begin to work on a specific project although I always leave the possibility of change in the course of work.

Nature is a source of constant inspiration . I think the reason lies in the fact that in the past, I mean ancient times up to the ‘ 900, the search for “beauty “was appreciated in its various forms, but now we see often the opposite tendency, namely the provocation first of all, then the horrible and gloomy, justified as research or as an expression of feelings. Only in this era so passively we accept the dark side of man and exalt all its ugliness!


The artist defines her sculptures joyful and dynamic, because she loves dynamic, ” because even a dry leaf is able to express life in its tortuous plot as a open pomegranate, that seems to provide its rubies, which is full of seeds that regenerate life indefinitely. ”
Her art is therefore vital, optimistic and completely linked to the natural world. Enrica says ” In this regard, one of my sculpture ” rocks ” describes it at best, which is made ​​by cutting a piece of wood that was naturally clinging to a rock. ”



My art without wood would not exist at all.

Asking the reason why someone should buy her works, Enrica answers:
I wish that my works were bought for love and for the pleasure of being observed, because I would do the same! Also convey humor, serenity and a sense of wonder.Some of them tell stories and legends that transmit our cultural heritage and its incredible wealth, I think for example of Pandora, a satyr and nymph, the Fear of Isaac, etc … And even when they are not linked to a cultural and art or classical mythology, they are a celebration of beauty of nature and, in my opinion, < strong> they have at home an object of harvested wood and has a great charm and a regenerating power. It reminds us that we too are part of the natural world and that we have to love and respect it, which we unfortunately often ignore.

Let us talk about future plans

Right now I work on small objects and sculptures of small size in order to limit the difficulties of transportation and space. I’m dedicating the time to experiment, to play with wood realizing freedom from objects. Right now the holsters are successful. I will definitely continue to make frames and sculptures inspired by mythology. Also, when I’m discussing with my brother, painter and interior decorator, about the possibility of creating an exhibition together.





Private lessons in wood carving

Speaking of potential sales and export Enrica told me that the Italian market so far has been the most important one, but they have an ongoing project to sell in Japan, a project which she is really looking forward to!

Here is where we can find her works on the web:



Some Christmas ideas from Arte Enrica Barozzi in the following video!

Good luck to Enrica and her art!

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