Back home, Torino

Hey folks ,

I left Canada for a couple of weeks to visit my family in Italy, Turin, the first Italian capital from 1861 to 1865!
Though Turin has 1 million inhabitants, coming from the new continent the city appeared to me as a small village, quiet vintage-inspired, always a beautiful city to discover and love!

Here are some impressions from the ” sitting room of Italy “.


The narrow streets, the vintage shops and craft shops have the European taste.

One of the things that I do not find in Toronto is the traditional market such as the Crocetta one in Turin, where there are benches with all the current fashion for the wardrobe or home, enjoying the pleasure of shopping outdoors.

The aperitif or drink mark the rhythm of the Italian when the sun goes down, in every season. The dehors start to fill up in the late afternoon until late at night offering a sort of pre dinner with first, second and desserts along with wines such as those of Piedmont like Barolo and Barbera, beers or Aperolspritz .

The Turin nightlife takes place in the main squares such as Piazza Vittorio, Castle and St. Charles. Also open air concerts, pubs and disco give endless possibilities to enjoy the weekend in the great Torino!

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