Bestival was a blast for Toronto!


Eccentric, grandiose, exaggerated, curious, vintage, eclectic, British: this was Bestival last Saturday on the Toronto island!
To reach the island we took the shuttle and a short drive gave us a stunning view of the skyline between sailboats and towering skyscrapers that were the background as a postcard!
The huge park was decorated with flowers, ribbons, paper lamps, all in a relaxed, festive and extremely summer atmosphere! On stage there were already the first artists giving rhythm to the sunny day!
The activities included group and table games, those who wanted to could also be tattooed with henna or glitter of different colors. I have tattooed the Egyptian eye, although the photo doesn’t show it properly!

As in all summer festivals the beach can not miss!
A sandy path leading to a wide beach staged by white pavillions, DJ sets, deck chairs and armchairs, in front of us only the immense lake!
Among flowers and hearts I could not resist, I had to capture the moment!
In addition to offering a wide range of American dishes, such as fast food, there was also the possibility of eating grilled meat or fresh fruit or fruit juice squeezed on the spot!
The festival not only offered live music non stop as Florence and the Machine and Nas, but it also offered curious characters! As this group of nice guys from Barbedos dressed as animals for the upcoming parade!

Fashion at the Festival! Get inspired, copy numerous trendy looks for this summer!

Numerous girls wore rubber boots under full lace, lace, shorts or skirts! I expected more sandals or open shoes but perhaps here in the festivals they use these boots to hedge against a possible downpour.
A basket of fake fruit , tulle skirts, wigs and fur, these were some amazing outfits that certainly did not go unnoticed!
Let’s look closely at what has characterized this festival.
The backpack of every fantasy and cloth was the inseparable ally of every girl. The must have been the glitter bollywood style, and gold and silver fake tattoos on arms, wrists and ankles!
The Boyfriend jeans and furs on shoulders and on the backpacks!
The wreaths of flowers were the protagonists on the hairstyles of almost all the girls!
The fringe on the bags, clothing, vests and shawls.
The long skirts like gypsy or hippie paired with tank tops.
The denim shorts are timeless, as seen during the Bestival.

A huge festival to live at least once in a lifetime!

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