British Columbia

Jasper was the next park, it is impossible to describe the majesty of the mountains and the blue-green lakes, perfect such as swimming pools, surrounded by tall beautiful trees!


I also was lucky enough to see three bears in the bushes in search of food on the sides of highways, to see them so close they looked like fluffy teddybears but of course it is better to observe them with some distance!

Anywhere in the souvenir shops you could find the famous anti bear pepper spray!


Driving from the parks of Banff and Jasper to Vancouver by car, you have the chance to meet expanses of grasslands, vast unspoiled spaces but also old cities, similar to ghost towns, they have old ranches and old saloon where once all cowboys or gold minors went there for a rest.

Once in Vancouver you can not miss Vancouver Island, just board the car on one of the many ships sailing on the island and in a couple of hours you’re there. Victoria, located southeast is truly a jewel of the city, where the British taste meets with the past of the Indian tribes, interesting!


Tofino is a city that I recommend, a small alternative village of surfers from where you can start with a boat to see whales in the Pacific Ocean!
And if you want to eat fish for dinner in the evening I recommend Ice house!
A restaurant run by young guys, where you can dine on the terrace and listen to a great playlist, all the American classics from the 50’s, 60!
Do not be fooled by the fact from outside, it looks more like a container but once inside you will love it!


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