Bye bye Toronto!

One year in Canada, you will see.. it will fly!
Screen Shot 2015-09-30 at 8.54.27 AM
Those words have been in my mind all the time during the last weeks in Toronto.
Screen Shot 2015-09-30 at 8.52.49 AM

Screen Shot 2015-09-30 at 8.53.08 AM
The year is over and the time to return to Europe has come.
Right now I write from Munich, Germany; i do not feel jet lag anymore but it is still strange. Coming from the heart of a metropolis the thing that struck me was the silence, people seemed to be more serious, the city center like a small village, and almost everything seemed quite smaller, yet so quiet!
Funny I wanted to buy a sandwich at the bakery just showing the credit card, ouch … inevitable mistake coming from oversee!
Screen Shot 2015-09-30 at 8.53.28 AM

Toronto, thanks for having me adopted, it was a awesome!

From now on i will write the blog from the old continent, so check it out often, i will keep reporting trends and news from many aspects, from Europe but not only.


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