Celebrities and their own trends


Yesterday I commented different female looks and styles who marched on the red carpet of the Oscars, but today I want to talk about some celebrities that have captured the scene in their own way.

curiosita 1
We saw the two actresses Patricia Arquette and Dakota Johnson with beautiful clothes but to capture the attention was their hairstyle which looked apparently “informal”!
You know those tails or buns improvised to perform sport or before entering the shower?
This type of hairstyle seems to have been chosen for these beautiful actresses, strands that frame the face randomly, a low ponytail, a bun bottom seem to give the impression of an unkept look but in reality is so elegant, simple and trendy!
Scarlett! Hmmm not yet convinced of her new look. I think she has a beautiful face, which would fit with any look, for example, the latter … But I do prefer the long hair of before!
Thumb up for the neckless which fits perfect with the emerald dress!
The two gentlemen have proposed these suit, slightly recalling the look of waiters with a white uniform! Nothing to remove to the category of waiters.
curiosita best man2

We all agree, the best dressed man was the actor Eddie Redmayne. Once I was told that match the two colors blue and black is not that cool. However fashion you know, changes and offers styles overnight, so that now even this combination is super trendy. The style of the blue suit with black details was definitely the winner among the male looks!
I have selected the other two gentlemen because one seems to have proposed a footlocker version for the red carpet and the other a bon ton version with a light color like a macaron, beautifully contrasted with that beard!

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