Dr.Martens are back

Who among us, who are around 30 now, does not remember the Dr. Martens? Very famous in the late ’80s and early ‘ 90s the Dr Martens have been loved and worn by millions and millions of kids around the world. Now it seems that they are back and depopulated again among teenagers and beyond.

Dr.Martens were born as the first boots, bearers of the style skinhead and metal, a symbol of belonging to underground English culture. The use of these shoes by skinnhead during the 70s marked the distance that they wanted to take from the middle class , claiming that they belong to the working class .


The Dr.Martens are depopulating in Toronto as you can see in the photo below :

Even Hollywood stars do not give up wearing these shoes, combining them with feminine dresses.

Copy the look :
the Dr. Martens are apparently just boots which it is true they are comfortable, but we can use them also completing a feminine look like in the photo below!

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