Eau so sexy by Victoria’s Secret










I must admit it, i have always loved the lingerie and all their girlie colorful looks with such beautiful angels’ hair!

Finally once arrived in Toronto i found this beautiful VS store at the Eaton Center… oh my god, the store seems just like a huge bedroom. The main colors are pink and black, plus you can breathe all their sweet fragrances!

As i am very attracted to fragrances, i had to try all their samples, with the result that i bought one of them! It’s called Eau so sexy, the name speaks for it self.

The notes are Bergamot, paradise apple and  Chantilly cream. When you first smell it, it reminds you fresh apples mixed with a wonderful sweet cream note! It is indeed sweet but the apple note makes it fresh, perfect for summer i guess. Anyway i am wearing it now during winter and it suits veerry good!

It is that kind of perfume which makes you feel sexy but still casual, young and carefree. Just like one of those Victoria’s Secrets Angels!

Believe me this pretty product will become your favorite perfume soon!

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