Eucurio. Back to “made in Europe”.

Today i introduce you Eucurio from Munich.
It is an idea of ​​David Bremond, act to promote unknown and independent fashion designers, active in every part of Europe.

The site gathers original clothing creators from France, Germany, Italy, Norway and many other countries.
The idea is to take distance from the usual retail sites which are numerous on the web, focusing on the research of people with passion, creators of brands and unique products with a story to tell.

The Style is purely casual street and only crafted in Europe.
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Among the many brands I quote Apto.


These young French people create and produce bags, all original. Just look at this video and find out how a single bag can draw another one easily without problems.


Mamukko is another brand, this time Irish, from Kinsale.
All products are handmade using premium materials such as leather and rafts, that once recycled they create uniquely designed bags.
A brand which is carried out at the household level by artists and creators who continue to create in their own studio by the sea.



Eucurio recently concluded a friendly partnership with a Portuguese brand named Shutter.

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It is a contest on Instagram where people got involved asking them to post photos of their favorite European locations where they find more inspiration!
The photo with the most likes will be used on a t-shirt by the creator of Shutter!

Eucurio: a way to get back to quality, a way of consume and buying much more different than the actual one. Truth is, you gonna buy a high price Shirt or Jeans from one of these designers, but you will get back the quality and you can be sure that this item will last like forever. You don’t just buy an impersonal cloth, you buy a story, you war a story!

It is a way to celebrate the diversity of cultures, the different creations that combine an Europe so diverse and multifaceted but also so united in the roots and in creativity.

The site also helps young people to get involved, to present their creation still unknown, thus giving voice to future artists, wonderfully European!

All trademarks, contacts and the online shop can be found on the website

Naturally you find Eucurio also on

facebook, twitter e instagram

Keep going Eucurio!

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