Europe in love with shabby chic

Shabby chic is the newest trend in Italy, apparently now spreading all over Europe too!

What is shabby chic? It is a style in terms of furniture, which is going to be loved by everyone! Shabby chic, in italian translated as chic trasandato ma in realta’ molto curato, has its secrets in the details such as the colors.

The choice of the colors is really the most important factor if you are going to decorate your home with this style: choose light colors conducive to pastel. Let the following colors be the principal ones: beige, light grey, white and ivory.

Materials: wood and linen are the main materials in a shabby house: furniture made of wood, even better if they are painted faded white. the effect should be not be perfect, like if they were recycled.

An original idea if you are going to use this style at home but you do not want to spend a lot of money, here is my tip:

i know Ikea is not the absolute dream in terms of furniture,

but you could buy this kind of bookshelf and paint it light grey or even light blue. The result is you will have a pretty low budget vintage bookshelf, perfect!

In the kitchen the shelves are embellished by old porcelain, vintage plates. Among all home furnishings you can not miss tinplates, delicate flowers like roses and hydrangeas and of course candles!

Shabby chic is perfect not only for indoor but also for outdoor: this style is being chosen for ceremonies like weddings or parties in the middle of a garden creating a wonderful scenario!

if you wanna live the shabby chic atmosphere in Europe, here i suggest you some restaurants:

Hoover & Floyd, Munich Germany

La vecchia Masseria, Munich Germany

Bohnenhase, Berlin

If you are in Italy, for example in Rome and want to buy some pretty vintage furniture go to Shanty Design

and if you are tired of walking and need a break go to Io e Loretta restaurant, Rome Italy.

Shabby chic is being used in the fashion industry too, i will talk about shabby chic outfits right in the next post!

Discover it with me!


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