FÅÇÅDE made in Toronto

Today i introduce you Emilie Wong! A young woman from Toronto who with her skills and determination has created a brand of its own: FÅÇÅDE .

Graduated at Queen’s University in 2012 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Art History , not satisfied with the Renaissance period she has traveled to Montreal by spending a semester at Concordia University, taking advantage of the courses of contemporary art history. She was impressed by the collection named “En Masse” of some artists during a visit to the Musée des beaux-arts and they were featuring an exhibit on Quebec artists of the 21st century.
So she began to read up and study illustrative styles of En Masse that are decorating storefronts, alleyways, and art galleries in Montreal. What makes them unique is their appearance in black and white illustrations of imaginary characters, pop culture icons and creatures that interact with each other. Gradually they became her main inspiration to travel and share the illustrations for their versatility and how to interpret the art out of the traditional space as the art museum.

In 2013, she started a two-year diploma program at Seneca College in Toronto for Digital Media Arts and began honing her skills in digital illustration.
After graduating in 2014, she worked as an intern at a small photography and video editing studio and decided she didn’t like working under someone else especially whose interests conflicted with her own. So she decided to start her own business and focus on making a product that she didn’t currently see in the market.
The Toques, are now super popular in Toronto and Canada, especially with the rise of toques on fashion runways, but there wasn’t anything that she saw as being unique especially seeing people on streetcars with the same black cuffed toques just with different logos. The idea and execution of the toques became a process of trial and error, as I sourced a seamstress and silk-screener from Toronto and found a manufacturing company to produce the toques. She hired some friends as models in a recent photo shoot done outdoors in a skateboard park in Toronto’s Corktown. Having promoted the photos, Emilie has received a lot of acclaim and attention from friends and word of mouth has started to operate.

Here’s how the project took shape, step by step!


This is the original artwork that is also the inner lining of toques signed FÅÇÅDE .
It was born as quick sketch of her face from a specular reflection in a boring day! She started to add the bones anatomical , lace details , flowers and a clock , and suddenly took shape this strange looking creature.
She even used glossy paper to create the logo from the structure of the face of the girl.
Then she found a set screening house in the Queen West neighborhood of Toronto to reproduce the image several times on sheets of bamboo cotton . The results were starting to show up !
A seamstress finally helped sew the lining in caps, and voila ! Here is the first hat .


She spent quite a few days of shooting and editing video for the Kickstarter , a crowdfunding service to raise funds in order to produce the first 50 caps. These are some shots from behind the scenes shots while creating the video .

By clicking this link you can see the entire collection !






She is currently launching her products through a Kickstarter, seeking an audience to promote this original idea and try to produce her first 50 caps !

There are only six days left, lets check out the page!


Good luck Emilie!


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