Fall: how to style an oversized cardigan

When I lived in Canada I discovered the clothing label American Eagle and I fell in love with it immediately!
It is a stylish and casual boho label reminding the free and wild spirit of America.
Fall is known to be fascinating for the warm colors that characterize the landscapes and the same goes for the clothing that is enriched with soft hats, gloves from shades of red and orange, scarves and maxi scarfs and finally the famous cardigans.

For whatstrendy I created a simple outfit, warm and fashionable for the first cold days of Autumn.
The main element is the AEO Fringe Open Cardigan, by American Eagle, I chose a fringed one but you can also opt for simple maxi sweaters, cardigans or open as long as they are large, soft and slightly oversized.
Since the cardigan is already big and catches immediately the attention I suggest to remain neutral on the rest of the outfit, then go ahead with jeans, leggings or skinny better if they are all solid color.


If you wish to add a Canadian touch to your outfits just follow my tip : if you have at home over knees or soft socks ( in the photo socks GARAGE ) wear them over jeans or leggings, slightly curled. Better if you have a pattern like in this case a red line on total white, a detail that will capture the attention just above your boots.

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