Fall trends 2015

Yes, summer seems to slowly end up in these first days of September, we unfortunately have to say goodbye to the colored, light summer cloths giving way again to the darker and hazier wardrobe.

But what are the fall trends 2015? Not to arrive unprepared I have selected for you some trends to watch and copy!

The feminine tie or scarf as you prefer to call it is one of those boho trends back in vogue and it is already classified as the must of the season! The practicality of this accessory is that you can combined it easily:with a casual sweater, a dress or a blouse.

Look at the second picture, the models seem to wear a kind of collar.
Well this item caught definitely the attention during the New York fashion shows: it is called turtleneck dickie, not quite a scarf and not quite a sweater either.
It is pointless and weird so it is most definitely high-fashion.
Simply copy and wear a knit collar that in my opinion you can always wear casual!
It is actually seen even with long and sexy dresses!

Get rid of the clutch and the mini bags, this year the maxi bags are back,important: always in tune with your outfit!

How we loved the sheath dress this year ! Simple yet very feminine .
The good news and ‘ we can still continue to wear it , certainly with fibers and winter colors ‘ soft and warm as a cream or camel .

How many times we have seen lots of girls wearing those pants this summer?
The pants are wide and short to the ankle called slacks, available in soft and warm fabrics ready to be shown off during the cold season.
Here i would recommend to wear always heels!

We know the tartan has always been a major element in the fall fashion, but this year the color red is added to the black note. At least we will have a brighter color on our items making the grey days more cheerful.

Sweater this year is proposed combined as a total look, having the same color of pants or skirts. The colors would be preferable clear, from white to beige!

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