Fishtail braid’s tutorial


It has been a while since I haven’t published an article about beauty.
Well today I chose to give space to the hair and hairstyles, or one in particular: the side braid from the roots!

In summer, with the heat, the loose hair is beautiful but also so annoying that if you do not want to opt for the usual tail or bun I find that the fishtail braid is the most beautiful and chic option of the moment!
Let’s see how to do it:
For the first time perhaps it’s better to practice on the hair of a friend!
Manual skill and patience are essential to learn this elaborate hairdo!

First you have to divide the hair into two strands, different from the classic braid with three strands.
Photo on 6-28-15 at 11.13 AM
The secret lies in interweaving the strands outside bringing in passing it to the second strand.
Photo on 6-28-15 at 11.14 AM
Photo on 6-28-15 at 11.14 AM #2
From the second we take a small strand of hair outside and we’ll add them to the other strand.
To create a single braid you must collect all the remaining hair, adding to the braid and tie them with a rubber band possibly transparent.
Photo on 6-28-15 at 11.15 AM
You’ll see that gradually it will form a beautiful braid, chic and feminine!


Even celebrities love it!


Treccia spina di pesce morbida-1

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