These are cold days with extreme temperatures below zero in the city of New York but it does not matter ‘ cause with the new accessory launched by singer Rihanna you can ‘say goodbye to the cold !
This trend is called Flandana, fleece + bandana = FLANDANA. A bandana with the addition of warm and soft fleece ! Originally created by brother and sister Beau and Haley Wollen, with the intent to keep warm the graffiti designer during their performances below zero.
Now it really is a fashionable accessory — cool and famous, as well as having an affordable price of £ 20 ( or $ 32).
Anyone can wear it, not only celebrities like Rihanna and Drake but also people like athletes, slackers, young and old ones. The Flandana is universal and serves a higher purpose than looking cool—it keeps you WARM.
Get ready to see the city invaded by “trendy bandits”!

Rihanna wearing a Flandana!

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