Get into shape with the hula hoop during the holidays!

Now that the holidays approach we deal with many Christmas dishes! A delight for the palate but for the shape not that much…
Do not panic, if you did not know I reveal my secret called: hula hoop!
That’s right, you read right; when we were kids it was a funny game, now this game is back but for a different purpose: to get a toned and sexy body.

If you’re lazy, at home, do not feel like going out, you will not go to the gym etc … the hula hoop will represent your ally during the holidays. So green light to all dishes, always without exaggerating and then dedicate the half-hour exercise that will be perfect for the shape but also the spirit!
And also it is really cheap and you can practice anywhere, indoors, outdoors or in the gym.
Clothing is also simple, just wear leggings, a T shirt or a top.


The advantages of a simple circle: it seems that the hula hoop is very useful to flatten the tummy, firm legs, carve your butt and also keep your brain in shape. This happens because the circle stroke the muscles, dissolve them and smooth them. The rotational movement of hula hoop returns to the body and gently meandering.

But is hula hoop a sport?
A recent study by the American College of Sports Medicine showed that the hula hoop is a sport for all purposes: to practice for 30 minutes is equivalent to to walk seven kilometers per hour. This means the beats per minute ( 150 ) and energy expenditure ( 210 calories every half hour ) is the same as a brisk walk .

Even the celebrities love it!


Here’s how it works, take a look at the link and try to spin the hula hoop around your waist.
A tip: the first few times I tried it over a mat to hide the obnoxious sound of the circle, that you too will fall several times ! Once you understand how it works it will be fun, especially with your favorite music or with friends!

Then enjoy all the dishes but also have fun with the new trend!

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