How to style your tank top in November: an easy and cosy look

Hello folks, so November is arrived and the days are getting slowly shorter and the temperatures are more and more rigid, at least here in Munich … brrr …

Today I want to talk about winter outfits, particularly for this month, gray but not particularly cold as December may be.

I chose a casual look with a romantic touch that can be worn for a dinner with friends or why not even at home.


Girls, do you also have in your wardrobe a silk tank top with beautiful lace inserts and you do not know how to match it?
I paired the silk top with a pair of dark green shorts, a nice XXL sweater that wraps around you like a warm hug and beige otk socks.
I would chose the sweater of a light gray color which can be perfect to bright these dark days, just pick a unique tone not to have a harlequin result!
The look is very easy to copy and it is also good for short women, just prefer short hot pants or high-waisted ones.

It is so easy to look cozy in November!

Have a good day everybody, till my next post. Cheers!

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