Impressions from Toronto

Impressions from Toronto :
Walking around the city on a regular weekend of April you will come across many unusual situations!

In the old Toronto, near St. Lawrence market you can find this particular building.
The painting creates a 3D wall and allows freedom of imagination: is the building that opens to the city or is our curious eye peering that gives life to a fantastic palace?
These street artists have chosen to represent happiness: choose happy, choose to be happy!
Happiness painted on the walls in Queen st west!
In Toronto you will never get bored, walking in the center, if you are lucky you can also meet some of the Avengers in the middle of a photo shoot!
On Sunday morning the streets of Toronto lend themselves to host demonstrations, like the one of yesterday, pacifist against violence in the world!
The city offers also nice subjects to photograph, as this beautiful dog who waits patiently for his master busy to consume another coffee’ to go!

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