Interior designs by Karl Lagerfeld in Toronto

Karl Lagerfeld is about to land in Canada with the his Initiative of interior design for the first time in North America, bringing the luxury of Parisian brand in Toronto.
In fact, the designer of Chanel, head designer and creative director of the legendary fashion house Coco will donate his talent not for some fashion collection but for an exclusive collaboration with CD Capital Developments on their highly anticipated project, the Art Shoppe Lofts + Condos.
Lagerfeld will design two lobbies of some residential space, called ” Lobbies Karl Lagerfeld ” that boast features, finishes and furnishings – selected by him by hand. Everything will make art Shoppe + Lofts condominiums a pinnacle of style in the northeast corner of a growing city.
Yes, Toronto is quickly blossoming into a hot spot for the design, both on the catwalks and in the condos.
What is cool of this collaboration is that not only is something new and fun to Toronto but it is also something new and fun for the designer himself. This will be the first initiative of interior design of Lagerfeld in North America.
“What I really like is what I have never done before,” says Lagerfeld. “I’m always looking for opportunities to expand my range of creative expression and i am excited by this project in Toronto.”



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