It’s cheerleaders time

The cheerleaders! We Europeans connect them immediately to America, to college, football games and their super choreographies. In fact they often appear in movies or TV shows of US origin!

You know, they are not only famous in the United States but also here in Canada and fortunately thanks to my friend Taunya I could participate in open classes of some Canadian teams, held in a gym just outside Toronto. In fact, not only they train to support football teams but cheerleasers compete with each other and also against them. It was a beautiful experience because i could see close the choreographies that i usually only see in the movies and moreover I could give an exclusive look behind the scenes, being able to observe many uniforms that characterize this sport.
The teams were composed of girls aged 3 to 20 years, including four boys.
In the video below you can see one of the many choreographies exhibited that day .

In addition to admire the skill and perseverance of these little athletes, I could appreciate the atmosphere that prevailed in the gym, the trophies as the cups proudly showed on display, the super sweet and colorful cupcakes and muffins sold only for $ 1!
I was able to interview Miss Stephanie Anderson, Managing Director of Pro Cheer Uniform and Apparel, who explained and showed me all the work that there is behind the uniforms of each team, an amazing job .
It is a long creative process from 2003. Everything takes shape from sketches and drawings of each logo, shape and head by hand, the right uniform is decided after a series of tests, including 6 or 7 different versions. Arriving to produce up to 1,000 items per season.
Certainly the style over the years has changed and it constantly changes every 3.4 years. The fabric must be hypoallergenic and especially practical to follow easily all the movements of the dancers.
The brand new uniform they are proud of is this one below called black widow, which is the name of a gym. As we see, the fabrics are shiny mesh fabrics.
The national uniform of Canada: they will be worn during the national championships.
Curiosity: besides producing uniforms for cheerleaders now also dolls can show off the same outfits!
To trim with style!
The equipment of all cheerleaders: a matching backpack, a suit and bow!quipment


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