July,1: Canada Day

Here i am again!
On the occasion of Canada Day, i went to Ottawa, the capital.
Unfortunately the weather was not on our side and so parades, concerts, games and picnics have been stopped by thunderstorms during the day, but without discouraging the brave Canadians in red and white shorts and shirt!
I found Downtown similar to Toronto with skyscrapers and shopping centers with the exception of a small hill called Parliament Hill, ideal for relaxing or playing sports.


The Anglo-Saxon tradition was noticeable, with the changing of guard of red-coated guards just like in London and parades with the rhythm of bagpipes.However on the other hand it also celebrated the multicultural Canada so you could see thai chi lessons, Tibetan chants mingled with the Western notes and so on.

It is useless to describe the decorations, ornaments, accessories and gadgets in town, among the people and even animals. All proud to be Canadian!

I noticed already the white and red accessories a few days before July 1, all in theme from bracelets to earrings! Of course close to them there were also American accessories as the nearest date of July 4, Independence Day in the United States!

To end the celebrations Ottawa has amazed and fascinated everyone with fantastic fireworks!

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