Kensington market, the vibrant area of Toronto

Today I let you discover one of the most alive, vibrant and eclectic Toronto’s area:Kensington Market in the heart of the city!
I would compare it to Greenwich Village in New York, those of you who have been there will agree with me!
Here you can forget the international chain stores, you will feel the style more simple, original and individual.
That ‘s the area where you will find many restaurants offering a wide variety of styles and ethnicities. The area offers a mix of grocery stores where you can find many varieties of meat , fish and other products. Some of the most popular shops of Kensington Market include the Blue Banana, Courage my Love and Good Egg. You can find delicious churros and other Brazilian products close to the best burrito or tacos sellers. Fruits and vegetables are sold fresh in kiosks where Jamaican rhythms come out, and there you should have a break to sip milk shakes or juices made ​​fresh for you!
In addition to the beautiful patios and the various burgers, sandwiches and crepes, Kensington market is also famous for exclusive shopping and affordable for every pocket. Here the shops sell new and used clothing bargain prices and good quality!
Walking through the stalls, among many eclectic shops can remind you vaguely Camden Town in London! Beautiful, feel the city throb of ideas and diversity in every corner.
Exile:the mecca of vintage! This shop caught my attention! Peering between jeans and jackets I found and bought a pair of shorts from American taste, slightly vintage only $ 10, a bargain I’d say!
Ok, if you’re in the mood for vintage I suggest you give us a short visit and you will not regret! Hence the eclecticism reigns supreme, it is as a sort of flea market where you can find every old style! From cowboys boots, jackets with fringe to bricks shirts . If you want to buy a retro dress, to show off at a 50s party here you will find it! Flared pants for men and women, boa, kimonos, hippie shirts, masks of spider man, fur coats and vintage are just a few items that will impress you!
Happiness is to be found in small things, like a nice ice cream!
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Be surprised by Kensington Market, a sensory journey you don’t wanna miss!
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