Kilo store! Discover Pick n Weight in Munich



Today i present you a super cool store, those you who are vintage lovers will love it.
I am talking about Pick and Weight, a new english shopping concept where you pay for the weight and you can find it in Munich, in Schellingstr 24 in the young university district but also in Hamburg and Berlin.
This shop immediately reminded me one of the vintage shops of Kensington Market in Toronto, an environment in which reigns a relaxing atmosphere where you can experience a new shopping experience. Here you can find any second hand item or accessory, with good quality and especially with an individual style which always win against mass production.




At Pick and Weight you’ll find everything from 70s clothing to 50s till any sport items directly from United States.





Let’s see how it works…
It is very easy. Each piece is marked with a colored sticker, which can be (blue, yellow, orange or green) and that indicates the price range. Once you find the piece you are interested in just go to weigh it on the scales, click on the colored button corresponding to the one that appears on the label and that’s the price you pay at the checkout.

Just like in the supermarket when you weigh fruit or vegetables, here it is more glamour though!



Since I was looking for some vintage head, I searched for bags, sunglasses and jackets and indeed I found an ecological soft black fur coat, 70s style! After trying it on and weighed I decided to buy it, for only 30,69 Euro! The savings is huge-I found the same item in other stores for 100,00 Euro!


The casual boho fur will immediately become my great ally this winter.

Even Hollywood stars love to wear vintage clothing! So if you are looking for those vintage and second hand clothes, without wanting to spend a fortune then write down the address and run to Pick n Weight, for sure you will come out satisfied!

Schellingstr 24. München

Sienna Miller wearing a black fur, credit to

Olivia Palermo wearing a long grey fur, credit Splash News Online

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