New year, new you! It´s time to get HYGGE

Happy new year, happy new interior!

Let’s face it, who likes this weather? The sky is always gray, all we have is ice and freezing temperatures … Only those who were born in the winter like it… like myself!
Joking aside, to avoid collapsing into a depression meteoropathic we look at the bright side this season and take a cue from those who live in colder countries than ours, like the Danes, creating a way of life the interiors of the houses!

The new Scandinavian trend is called HYGGE, once called cozy. Let’s see how we can hygge our house.

All we need are simple elements such as plush cushions, dimly lit lights and low coaches, the rest is up to your creativity. It is used to help Danes get through the cold dark evenings of winter, lots of candles and mulled wine play a great part of that.

Here’s how to bring hygge style at home.

Candles. Candles. Candles.
Nothing can create such a relaxed environment as candles light up the living room.
Opt for vanilla scent, delicate for the whole house.
Focus on living room. Invested on blankets and pillows in different sizes and fabrics, I always prefer neutral colors. White, cream, beige and sand are neutral, reminding of the snowy landscapes of this season. The living room is where you spend most of your time in the winter, so make sure it is comfortable and cozy.

Update your loungewear. Beside your work gear, what do you spend the most time in? If you’re like me, when the work day is over ends, the jammies come on for the nights. So what better than a comfortable pair of soft legging, thick socks and over size cardigan.

Celebrate the simple things. Think how lucky you are to have a comfortable sofa, a warm and cozy home and enjoy this gratitude while drinking a relaxing herbal tea, no matter how heavy was the day in the office. What matters is you and your peace of mind as soon as you get home. Green light then for a nice cup of coffee, reading a good book or listening to your favorite playlist. Remember a hygge life is a happy life!

If you are getting curious, you can find more reading this book: The year of Living Danishly.

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