Now we WEAR apple. Apple Watch.

Apple Watch. Bye bye Iphone.
Apple has announced its first smartwatch, called Apple Watch. The device has a rectangular touch screen with sapphire crystal and elegant design, linked to various lines can marry different contexts .

Calls, messages,mails,maps,fitness,digital touch,camera and weather are some features that characterize this new product. Indeed it is able to communicate with the iPhone and is able to provide functionality within the fitness and navigation. It can also be controlled via voice commands ( via Siri ) and has a special “digital crown” to improve navigability through menus and images on the screen. It arrives on the market on the April 24, 2015 in selected countries at a target price equal to $ 349.
Once the iPhone was the device at hand, subtle, practical and universal.
Now we can say goodbye, as the apple watch will be simply on your wrist, you will not lose time looking for him in the pocket or purse. You will seem to assume the role of one of those secret agents that communicate bringing the wrist to your ear!
Now i wonder if the next Apple product is gonna be a microchip to be included on our skin, as these devices become smaller, practical and part of us .
A main circuit equipped with a chip, complete with a GPU and WIFI, sensors and touch system promise pure vanguard but certainly these feature are not 100 % healthy for our body. We will be more and more alone, lazy and with so much time available because these devices will save precious minutes. We will use the precious time online … and then ? Don’t panic, they will launch something new again!
Certainly it is interesting to watch the progress of technology, but I still prefer my Iphone, I will have to maybe lose a few precious seconds to look for it, but I still want to be able to distance myself from the technology .
Each watch can be combined with a long strap option: metal, leather and plastic of fluorescent colors, so you can customize your watch according to your mood or outfit worn .
Three different versions are then available: Apple watch with polished stainless steel. Apple watch sport and watch edition with 18-carat gold. The choice is yours .

Below I propose outfits and apple watches to match in original ways !
The lime yellow sport watch is young , fresh and sporty. Try to match it with a yellow polo, summer shorts, while drinking a lime cocktail near a pool, listening to the track of Coldplay: yellow !
The apple watches sport offer a varied range of colors to suit all tastes!

Apple could not forget the most fashionable ones! Here are the elegant and classic versions to match for glamor and chic evenings!

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