Oktobersfest, prost!

I am gonna describe you a day at the Oktoberfest from the point of view of an Italian among the Germans!
As i already have been to the Cannstatter Wasen in Stuttgart I had an idea of how this one could be, the tents, the food, the beer, so far the two parties are very similar. The only thing I noticed that in Stuttgart there were more pop songs, whose notes you could dance along, sing on the table by joining other groups!
Here the music was very quiet, I would say conservative.
It’s up to you to decide what atmosphere best suites you.
According to the tradition the guests have to dress up, the famous Bavarian outfits, known all over the world!
Here is the outfit for the man: leather pants with suspenders, shirt, strictly red but you can also opt for the blue or green one. The nice thick socks must complete the look with a pair of brown shoes. Green light to even sneakers like all stars for foreign tourists or younger guys!
The Dirndl, the famous sexy and fabulous has been spotted in multiple versions, short or long, from strong colors to the more neutral, all combined with aprons, shoes, handbags, makeup and accessories.
The key is to stay Bavarian, then go-ahead to the pendants in the shape of heart, pretzels or alpine star.
No to blacks or colored leggings under the dress and extreme high heels. Yes to sheer stockings, or Bavarian-style pumps, as long as comfortable for dancing or walking from tent to tent.
And if it’s cold? Wear sweaters, creme colour or with braids; better to prefer neutral colors to not overdo with colors.
If the dress is not your thing you can always opt for shorts, similar to those for men with braces but of course in the female version.
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Ok, you’re dressed up, now it ‘s time to taste the Bavarian food, so once you are in a tend start your culinary journey with a giant pretzel while you wait to order your beers.
The white boiled sausages accompanied by mustard and a bread are the Bavarian dish of excellence. Alternatively, you can taste the wiener sausages or the half chicken.
Craving for sweets? Outside the tent you can find some “sweet” stands. Order a warm apple strudel, buy a bag of sugared almonds or eat one of those little decorated hearts of gingerbread.
I wanted to give space to the backstage cause behind the fest and our fun there is this wonderful organization, all those waiters and chefs who work in an exceptional way letting us enjoying those unforgettable hours at the party!
If you love beers and Oktoberfest celebrations made in Germany this is a definitely a must-do, try to organize your time for next year and you are gonna love it!
Greetings from Monaco, till the next time… tschüss!
bye bye

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