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Today I’ll give space to one of the best trips I have ever made: a roadtrip in the west coast of the United States, through California, Nevada, Arizona and Utah!

For a smoother reading i will the divide the trip in several chapters, the first starts from Los Angeles, California, the final destination after a 6 hours flight from Toronto.

The map helps to have a general idea of the journeys undertaken in this great continent but also so wild and immense!
The stops were Los Angeles- Hollywood- Newport Beach – San Diego- Palm Springs- Joshua Tree National Park and Road 66

Screen Shot 2015-10-20 at 12.55.00 PM

If you decide to do a similar tour Whatstrendy can give advices about where to go and the stops to make.
Los Angeles, dreamed and seen in many movies looks like an anthill of machines, with rivers of people and huge skyscrapers in Downtown at the foot of the Hollywood Hills!
The city itself is not that beautiful, what makes it timeless is the cinema and the huge and famous white HOLLYWOOD on top of a hill.
Rodeo Drive, famous thanks to the movie Pretty Woman I call it the Vanity Fair where there are only high-end boutiques and extremely expensive cars parked around or on display.
From Rodeo Drive head to Beverly Hills, where you will notice the villas and their wonderful gardens, perfect till the last detail! Of course those of you who have seen the famous TV series Beverly Hills 90210 in the 90s will be waiting to find among those the famous villa of the Walsh family, but you will not find it here, but in Altadena, Pasadena
(about 11 miles from Los Angeles ) just where they filmed the entire show.

A tip: if you decide to go there avoid going there between 5p.m. and 6 p.m., otherwise you will be stuck in traffic for many hours: Los Angeles knows no other means of transport than the car unfortunately!
road trip 1
Here it is, the Walsh’s home is instantly recognizable among the many villas!
Needless to say, it is really the same as in the show. It seems to go back in time and when you will be in front of the villa it will seem to review the scenes in and out of those walls!

1675 E. Altadena Dr, Altadena CA


Pure fun: the words best describe the Universal Studios!
In addition to hosting the theaters for the shooting of programs and series this theme park offers many attractions that are inspired by the film production such as Minions, Shreck, Jurassic Park and Transformers.
In the park you can choose to have a ride on a small train through the sets of the films already produced by the Universal Studios (Jaws, Psycho, The War of the Worlds); you can also see far away movie sets where they are shooting ( series such as CSI and Desperate Housewives ).

From Los Angeles go to Newport Beach, Orange County.
Wide and equipped beaches are just like those in the movies!
Orange County is a county south of Los Angeles area. Besides being known for the well-being in recent years it has become known because of the television series The OC, set in one of the most pleasant areas of the county, Newport Beach.
From the pier, with a little luck, you can see groups of dolphins off the ocean but also many seals intrigued by the many Mexican fishermen who every day spend the time practicing fishing.
If you want to drink coffee or eat a sandwich remaining in the area I recommend this coffeeshop:

Newport Coffee Company
104 Mc Fadden Pl,Newport Beach, CA 92663,
United States


If you are in Newport Beach do not miss Balboa Island.
410 S Bayfront, Newport Beach, CA 92662
Within minutes from the fun of Newport Balboa Island can be reached by a short crossing of just 4 minutes for just $ 3 on a non-stop ferry. Do not forget to bring cash for the short trip!

Balboa Island is a small island with a soul of surfing! With numerous American style houses (some very bizzare), where the atmosphere seems to have stopped in the 70s/ 80s.





Let’s drive south from Orange County heading to the famous San Diego!
The air becomes drier just like the landscapes that you will find along the way. Needless to say, going deeper down through the coast, you are gonna feel the Mexican atmosphere and the hot weather!
The city, I must say, is a very nice one. The Old town, it reminded me the set of the movie Zorro! White houses and saloon, barren land, cactus and many Mexican restaurants are there ready to satisfy the palate of all tourists looking for tacos!
In addition to the old city I suggest you to visit the Coronado Island!

Coronado Island is indeed technically a peninsula, luxurious and connected to the city of San Diego due to the spectacular bridge Coronado Bridge. Here are the famous beaches of Silver Strand State Beach and Coronado Beach and the beautiful maze Victorian Hotel del Coronado, set of the movie “Some Like It Hot” with Marilyn Monroe. The island was founded by the Spanish and has kept the style. You can visit it with a walking tour.

san diego

Once you you drive from San Diego i suggest you to stay over in Palm Springs, a small town lost in the desert, famous for many golf courses scattered in the Colorado desert. A city that in the 60’s was the destination of all stars from Frank Sinatra to Marilyn Monroe willing to escape from the hectic life of Hollywood.

Temperatures in Palm Springs begin to rise steeply, so from this point on I would advise to take with you always enough water to keep cool and drink. The desert plays hard!

If you love nature and hiking, weather permitting, I advise you to visit Joshua Tree National Park!
The park includes parts of two deserts, with two different ecosystems whose characteristics are determined primarily by the different altitude: the Mojave Desert (highest) and the Colorado Desert (lowest).
Immerse yourself in such a wild nature, impressive landscapes and trees so far apart from each other. The barren land and thousands of stones embedded in them! Besides the landscapes you can also view some cave paintings
inside of rocks. Always carry plenty of water, wear a hat for sun protection and plenty of sunscreen! Especially attention to rattlesnakes!

Leave the park and head north, the highway that will take you to Las Vegas! A tip: before embarking on these trips in the Nevada desert make sure you have enough fuel before reaching the destination, given the small number of gas stations, actually zero, the endless miles to go and the scorching heat!
Before Vegas I recommend you to take the road to Amboy where you will meet the famous and legendary ROUTE 66!


In the middle of nowhere along the route 66 you will find Roys cafe and motel: a compulsory stop … a small cafe working perfectly in the desert in Californian Style … Practically an oasis!
Well yes this cafe and motel, County Route 66 , Amboy , CA 92304 , United States appears to be timeless.
In the middle of the hot desert, there is still the 50s motel not yet fully restored, the lack of water seems to be the main problem. You can still observe the old reception, the old rooms with even the vintage furniture. The only flaw: the toilets are not very advisable.

The next post will take you to Las Vegas! Stay tuned!

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