Ready for Thanksgiving?

Tomorrow in Canada will be Thanksgiving Day with lots of turkey and pumpkin pie. Although in Europe it doesn’t exist, I’ll celebrate anyway along with dinner and decorations! After have lived in Toronto, the love for this country it is still strong and celebrate this event makes me feel closer to the new continent.

Have you prepared the decorations for the fireplace and the living room? This year I decided to create a autumn wreath to give a romantic, familiar and colorful touch to the ambiente. You will find online many tips and images from which to get inspiration; just get a round support, leaves (fake or real), glue, scissors twigs, chestnuts or pine cones!

I chose to make a simple wreath by orange and red tones to hang on the fireplace. I will hang it not only tomorrow but also throughout the season.It`s gonna give a colourful mood!


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