Spotted the new trend from America: next winter is gonna be BIG

Brand new trend from North America!



Ladies, next winter the Michelin Men´s style will be IN!

I know that we are approaching the warm season pretty slowly, the days are getting longer, the sun begins to warm our days and finally we pull out our favorite summer wardrobe … But I found on the internet a winter trend ( Winter 2016 -17 ) that caught my curiosity.

It is an item who will be in the next cold season: the super jacket xxl!


Certainly the jacket is a must for our winter outfits but we have never seen it sooooo big. Spotted in North America, it was also seen on the catwalks of the Fashion Week, xxl coats of various shades, signed such as Balenciaga and Alexandra McQueen.

Hollywood stars are like always ahead in fashion and already last January some of them have been photographed wrapped in their BIG coats



Would you wear it ?
It is a definitely challenging item, short women will have to opt for a shorter version and those who want to wear it might have to be confident not to be awkward or look uncomfortable!

Till The next trend then, bye!

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