Street style in Europe

When people think about Europe the first things that come to mind are the famous historical monuments, art, architecture, history, good food and … fashion!
Italy and France have always been the countries ‘s number one churning out world famous designers from Chanel to Versace. But apart from these big names, how do European girls dress in everyday life? According to the famous cliche’ people think that the closets of all European girls are full of designer clothes, but it’s not like that! In fact, many choose brands from big chains like Zara or Mango, but having the taste to create outfits with great style!
The girls of the old continent are known for their great style, tending to prefer classic clothes that make the American casual outfits boring and tasteless.

Let’s see in detail what makes it so unique their style!
1 Rule number one: they choose shapes with simple and elegant lines.
2 They wear the right clothes. While in North America, people tend to wear clothes too short or overly broad, the European wear clothes that fit the body.
3 Colors: the difference between the two continents is also felt with regard to the choice of colors. In Europe they tend to prefer neutral tones to match with bright colors. For example: beige with light pink, blue with white.
4 The style does not fail even when it comes out just to do grocery shopping, you will rarely see an European, hanging out with sweatpants or sweatshirt!
5 Simple is the key word! The European tend to aim for simplicity also regarding the choice of accessories.
6 They wear jeans: the girls love to wear jeans in the old continent and tend to choose Skinnie sober models, neutral colors such as black, beige or white. However the tendency of ripped jeans and Boyfriend style landed successfully in Europe!
7 Elegant shoes, more flats and comfortable. Women tend to wear ballerinas or brogues,the younger choose pumps. Gymnastics shoes are worn rarely out of the gym although more and more teenagers wear converse all stars!
8 If you want to show an European style avoid sweatshirts or t-shirts with university logos.

For the rest, no one can tell you how to dress, each of us chooses their own style!

For this article, I wanted to post examples of exclusively European street style. I take this opportunity to thank these beautiful girls who have posed in various locations. The countries are: Italy, Ireland and Germany!
I should point out that it is not my intention to advertise brands.
It’s just a way to get an idea of what the European buy or prefer in terms of shopping.

Let’s meet them!
Let’s start with Italy! Francesca, my sister, wore two outfits, one casual and one a bit more elegant. As already mentioned above, European girls love to go shopping in the big stores, in fact in the first photo Francesca wears Mango, paired randomly and yet chic!

Federica gives us evidence that in Europe they tend to prefer neutral and chic items!
Benetton and Zara are the brands that more characterize the Italian wardrobe .

Let’s fly and go to Ireland!
Anna is a great fashion blogger in Dublino,
Her style struck me immediately and I think it reflects the current trends.
The trench could not miss in the wardrobe of an European, especially in Ireland where the weather is purely variable! In her blog she presents this outfit with the title nothing special and that is what makes it unique in European style: we do not need exaggerate items to create great style!
A dress and a trench immediately give elegance to everyday’s look!

scarpe dublino



From Ireland we go to Germany where we meet Julia, a young designer who creates and sews adorable and exclusive clothes as hobby!
Check her great blog!
In the picture the striped shirt was designed and sewed by herself! As well as the black jacket in the next photo!


Marie Luise opted for two different outfits, one casual and one sports!
Her styles are simple yet edgy and unique by adding original accessories from Ghana and Kuwait like the dark scarf.


Sandra, an Italian girl living in Germany has chosen to pose in Schlossplatz, Stuttgart!
Her style is feminine, the top by Tezenis gives a romantic touch, while the boots bring a casual and urban hit to the outfit!

As you can see depending where you travel in Europe you will find different styles, casual, more sports or more fashionable ones. The key is keep it simple!

Thanks girls for your collaboration!

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