Thanksgiving Day

Ok Thanksgiving Day does not exist in Europe or at least it is not celebrated like in America.
However i did wanted to celebrate and bring the Canadian spirit at home, like if i was still living there!
In memory of the great year spent in Toronto I started to cook for the first time the typical American dinner, unfortunately I did not take the whole turkey because i did not have time, maybe I’ll try next year.
The dinner included the traditional cranberries sauce, puree, sweet potatoes, peas, slices of turkey and stuffing, the famous stuffing that should be cooked inside the meat.

I read that the stuffing is the most important part that gives the pleasant taste to the whole recipe.
I also knew that it was something difficult to do but at the end of the day it is a mixture of toasted bread, onions, garlic, celery, seasonal vegetables, sausage and eggs. Not that difficult!


Obviously you will bring to the table everything and serve the meal all together on a plate in order to present a single dish!
Enjoy your meal guys and Happy Thanksgiving!

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