The best pancakes in Toronto

If you are greedy and you’re in Toronto, I recommend you not to miss the best pancakes in the city.
The restaurant in question is called Mildred’s Temple Kitchen in Liberty Village, a nice area where many modern buildings are combined with the new England style.
The restaurant is modern, the only problem is always busy so book your brunch in advance if you do not want to wait more than an hour for a free table!
Important: they do not take reservations on the weekend.

In addition to the Blueberry buttermilk pancakes I also recommend the wonderful sandwiches like the chicken and avocado one, accompanied by baked potatoes and salads, yummy!
But the attention is given to the pancakes. They are presented lying on each other on a bed of maple syrup, sprinkled with a cascade of blueberries and the whipped cream completes the whole leaving you literally speechless!
Real small pieces of paradise!

Mildred’s Temple Kitchen
85 Hanna Avenue. Suite 104. Toronto, ON

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