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If you also want to contribute to the creation of the Italian-Canadian film you gotta hurry, you have time until November the 17! How to participate and other information can be found below:

The award-winning director and producer Alberto Diamante and Galen Brown, together with Knight f1 Films, have launched a crowdfunding campaign with various ” rewards ” for those who want to participate in the creation of a genuine cult film,“The Bookstore”.
The campaign, which will last 30 days, aims to raise $ 100,000 to finance the production of the film which will start shooting in January 2016. The campaign Indiegogo of ” The Bookstore ” will be active until November 17, 2015. Anyone can contribute by clicking here

“The Bookstore” is about a crabby bookstore owner (George) who tries to deal with his failing business, his girlfriend Susan’s excessive expectations and helping a teenager (Bryan) woo the girl of his dreams (Lisa).

The Bookstore is a story for people who want smart, fun, romantic adventures.

With your contribution, The Bookstore can become a cult classic and a benchmark for future indie films. You can literally help them make history!

In addition to Diamante, the film has a great cast of young Canadians, including : Sharon Belle, co -star of the web series ” Carmilla ” , which has gained immense popularity in the network, with over 20 million hits on YouTube, as well as Andre Colquhoun, Madison Claringbold and Alexandre Bourgeois, three excellent actors who are already making itself heard in the field of theater and music .

Here the cast!

Alberto Diamante is an award winning director and screenwriter. His writings were among the top 10 in many prestigious festivals like The VisionFest Screenplay Competition ( semi – finalist ), the World Series of Screenwriting ( Finalist ), the New York screenplay Contest ( Finalist ) and the Beverly Hills Film Festival screenwriting competition ( finalist ), to name a few. His film ” Ulysses ” won the award for best picture at the Art Film Festival in Bergamo.
The screenplay for ” The Bookstore ” was in the Top 10 for the month of July 2015 in the site ” Zoetrope.com ” of the famous Hollywood director Francis Ford Coppola.

Sharon Belle is the co-star of the web series ” Carmilla ” , which totaled over 20 million views on YouTube. ” Carmilla ” won the award for Favorite Web Series 2014 AfterEllen Visibility Awards; she was nominated for Favorite webshow 2015 Shorty Awards and for Best Drama 2015 Streamy Awards. Sharon is also the actress of the next series ” Couple-ish ” , which has had tremendous success using crowdfunding.

Madison Claringbold has assembled an impressive resume as a musical interpreter, having starred for prestigious productions such as Summerland The Musical ( Toronto Fringe Festival ), Shrek : The Musical, Seven Stories, Kipling The Jungle Book – The Musical , Back to the 80 ‘s and Musicals High school musical.

Andre Colquhoun has played leading roles in films such as Ursus Tender, Farewell Trevor , just to name a few. Graduated from the Humber College, Andre has also starred in theater productions like What the heart wants, Annie , Willy Wonka ( as the main character ), Beauty and the Beast and Just So. Andre is a skilled singer, musician and dancer.

Alexandre Bourgeois has starred in film and television productions as “Producers Meeting” , ” Sitting with Nokes ” and ” A Wedding Crashed ” . Graduated from the Toronto acting for Film and Television , Alexandre studied under some of the most renowned acting teachers in Toronto , as Catherine McNally at the prestigious acting Armstrong Studios , Andrej Acin , Russell Ferrier , Suzanne Coy and Vladimir Bondarenko.

” The Bookstore ” is the third feature film by Alberto Diamond. His first, ” Ulysses ” (2006 ), won the award for ” Best Film” at the International Film Festival of Art in Bergamo conferred by the Youth Jury . His second feature , ” Love and other reasons to panic” (2007 ) is currently available on several platforms , including iTunes , Google Play , and Amazon.com.

Before reading the bookstore

The screenplay of Diamante ” Skin” is currently in pre – production, after being in the Top 10 of various prestigious international festivals, including : the Honolulu Film Awards, the VisionFest Screenplay Competition, the World Series of Screenwriting, and the New York Screenplay Contest plus the Beverly Hills Film Festival, to name just a few.

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Let’s give space to new Italian and overseas talents, personally I can not wait to see the full movie!
A film about love and literature is just what we need in these times.

A big good luck to Alberto and the whole cast from whatstrendy!

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