The must have summer accessories !

What are we going to wear in these summer days to enhance our clothing or simply our image?
I’ll show you two accessories that you should never miss if you want to show off cool!

Beautiful tan, warm colors, bronze and gold of the summer skin but most of all on the skin.
Lets tattoo fake bracelets with an ethnic and vintage touch, perfect for a beach party, a barbecue or a pool party.
The design will remain on the skin for a few days, so you’ll have time to try different colors and patterns in the next few days.


For example i found these one in Canada, at Garage. You may be able to find them by Claires or Polyvore.


Do you want to change your look for less?
Just get the British style showed by many IT-girls. It is now fancy the golden bracelet, long enough to wrap it around the wrist, like the ones of Laura Whitmore



If like me you have not bought it yet, I will recommend you a little trick. All you need is a pretty long necklace, so you can do more than two turns on the wrist.
You will have a fashion accessory without having to spend money! Enjoy your trendy summer!

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