Twist & Shout made in Italy



It’s called Twist & Shout, a new concept night that is making Italy dance to the sound of rock and roll and boogie-woogie, every weekend a different city, from Turin to the capital, passing for Croatia.

Originally an idea of Alessio Granata in late 2010, after his trip to the Notting Hill Carnival in London. Back in Italy, in Milan, he began to offer in a bar this type of DJ sets, with the sole purpose of drinking gratis. The project seemed to please, and after a while he proposed a whole night dedicated to a club called the Bitte.
Alessandro Leuci, his friend, who shared the same passion joyned the project! The rest has evolved quite rapidly.

Today the Twist & Shout is a real concept night inspired by the most famous decade of all time, the famous 50s and 60s, characterized by wild dancing, surfing, cadillac, beautiful dresses, mini-skirts and mini-cooper.

Appointments with dance lessons with trained teachers, hairstyles and make-up performed by the wonderful Ketti Cinieri. A space dedicated to the photoshoot, live show with band and dj-set by Alessio Granata and Ale Leuci.

Today they will be in Turin, my hometown !!


The next dates can be found in the photo below or on their Facebook page .

Sure it is a unmissable event for all those who are visiting Italy from Europe or North America and want to have fun to the sound of rock and roll!

A journey through time signed MADE IN ITALY!

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