What is success for you? With BYOS you can wear it everyday

What do you picture when you think about success? What are the feelings and the words that come to your mind? In general you might think of expensive cars, houses and clothes; especially in this hasty time when success is mainly represented by fame and the likes amount in the social media.

Personally I think it is a distorted view we mature from a young age. We spend part of the time to chase “the alleged success” because we have stopped noticing the good and simple things that surround us.
Everyone has their own vision of success and I think it is useless to pursue models that do not belong to us because “the first trip that changes our life is within us”.

Maybe we should stop for a second and think to be able to recognize our own achievements. For example, talking about my personal story I can consider myself lucky to have grown up in a very close family. My first example of success were my parents, who despite working full time have been able to devote much valuable time to my sister and me: we have not miss anything. Only as an adult, of course you recognize the value of that received affection without ever being granted. They always taught us to work hard and follow our dreams. We have learned to love ourselves, to cultivate our self-esteem because the strength of each of us comes from within through optimism and good will. However, the love and respect for the others were very important in our growth too, so to me this will to cultivate love and affection still represents success. You can be a successful person even simply giving oneself to others.

I graduated at the age of 25. I still remember the thrills and fear on the graduation day, a wonderful stage of my life. I am grateful to have had the possibility to live in a modern society in which women can also evolve, study and have the freedom to go their own way.

I met my love in my 20s and even today I can say that having my man by my side makes me feel happy and loved as the first day. To me this is the success of my life: I found a person who accepts me as I am and fills my days with authentic happiness, obviously in good and bad times.

I’m a woman at the beginning of my 30s and I’ve been spending proudly 8 years living abroad. I decided to leave my country, Italy, to move to Germany to follow my love and to realize myself as a person, making a unique experience, such as being an expatriate. The success in this chapter of my life is the ability to adapt myself in another country, the tenacity to not give up, the desire to get involved and the desire to learn new things and so I did. Given my passion for communication and marketing I decided to study again at the age of 27. There were doubts, moments when I did not believe in myself, but I ‘ve done it and I’m l happy because I listened to my desire to evolve and change the path of my carrier in order to be more satisfied in the future.

This is the force that celebrates BYOS brand by Melissa Curry.
A new line of jewelry designed and created in Ireland to encourage and support our journey towards success.
But, what do we need to reach success?

It all starts with self – belief; Strength, Opportunity, Balance, Love and Happiness. Nothing is left to chance.
The collection has several pendants inspired by these motivators of confidence and encouragement made by different materials such as silver, gold, diamond and pearl; each of them ready to give us qualities like serenity, joy, courage or happiness.

The success bar I wear in the photos is rose gold, subtle, modest and feminine. I define it as my little amulet that encourages me remembering my success and my inner strength.

I had the honor to meet in person Melissa Curry and besides appreciating her collection, I support the idea of encouraging women all over the world to believe in themselves and in their success, whether business or personal. We women have the right to choose and to improve our life.

I personally love this bracelet just because it reminds me every day how lucky I am, the success I had so far and the upcoming plans that give me the strength to see a bright future! As a fashion blogger I must admit it suits with every style. Because of its delicate form and color it can be worn to complete wonderful outfits, from casual to elegant ones.

In case you have not buy all Christmas gifts yet, why don’t you check Byos page?
This year you can give a wonderful and precious jewelry to your beloved mother, sister, friend or wife, she will love it!
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Believe in yourself and be brave, it is the best gift you deserve this Christmas.
Thanks Melissa Curry, I wish you good luck with Byos and a wonderful new year!

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