Whatstrendy is ready for the Oktoberfest!

München, the first thing that comes in mind when thinking about the city of Munich is the Oktoberfest, the most famous beer Festival in the world!
Living in this town I can tell you that the traditional Bavarian costumes are worn in everyday life, not only during the event. On subway, on the street, ladies, kids, teens and students, all proudly showing off their traditions!

Here are some snapshots taken in the subway these days!

IMG_2633 (1)







Tomorrow will be dedicated to the event and I’m already excited to resume, photograph and capture every single moment! For this occasion I also bought my first dirndl. I feel excited and can not wait to wear it like a kid the night before the first day of school!
It ‘s not at all easy to choose the right dress: colors, fabrics, details, ribbons, necklaces, aprons, hats, petticoats, everything must be combined. The ribbons that close the corset have to match with the color of the apron. Women stands in front of multiple models in the shops, wondering which fits better, it surely remind the clothes of princesses, so at least once you have the opportunity to try and see you in the role of a lady, although I must admit a bit farmer!


So in the next few days I recommend you to take a look at the blog to read about how Germans and not only celebrate this huge event! Stay tuned.

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