Your stop? Pull the cord!



The first time I used the bus to move in the city of Toronto I discovered something weird. Just got in I had noticed yellow cords hanging near the windows, and I linked to a lack of maintenance. I could never imagine that they served to request the stop. When I saw a gentleman stretching the arm to grab the rope and pull it towards him, then I got it! In addition to these ropes however buses are also provided of modern buttons “Stop”! It seems that this trend has spread across the North America, from New York to San Francisco.
So this nostalgic method is back in! Apparently this system is preferred because the repair would be much less expensive – about $ 293 compared to the buttons technology – around $ 1,056!

A return to the vintage in the digital era!

If you ever travel here, I suggest you to take a ride on the bus and request the stop with this system, it will seem to direct the bus as in an old movie!
An experience to do!



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